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Warning lights and what they mean

Most experienced drivers will chuckle when they hear a young new driver ask about what the warning lights on their car mean. We all were new drivers once, it is never too early to know what each of the lights that could potentially light up on your dashboard means or simply go over new technology features on your dashboard.

Colors and what they represent

  • Red – When a red light pops up, it is your cars’ way of telling you to take it to your dealer as soon as possible because it is a serious problem.
  • Yellow/Orange – When yellow or orange pops up, it’s your cars’ way of telling you that something will need to be serviced/repaired soon.
  • Green/Blue – This one tells you that everything is in order and that your car is operating normally.

Warning Symbols (the red ones)

1. Engine temperature warning light – This light comes on to tell you that your car’s coolant is overheating. You should pull over immediately and let your car cool down to prevent any damage to your engine.

2. Oil pressure warning light – This light tells you that your engine has lost normal oil pressure. It can indicate that your engine is low on oil or it could be indicative of more serious engine problems.

3. Battery charge warning – Plain and simple, your car’s battery is low on charge. Turning off any power related functions in your car is a good start to conserving battery until you can change it. (Don’t turn off the headlights if you’re driving at night).

Safety symbols

1. Engine warning – This one is also easy to understand, it means that there might be a problem with your engine and you should take it to the dealer to diagnose.

2. Traction control light – This light tells you that your car is losing grip.

3. ABS indicator – Your ABS system is malfunctioning. Get it looked at by the dealership.

These are just some of the most common lights displayed on your dashboard. They are your vehicles’ way of telling you something is up so stop by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa for a free multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle gets diagnose and fixed to ensure your safety. Check our monthly service specials and make an appointment today.

If you have any questions on how to program your dashboard, lights, etc visit us today. We also have new owner clinics scheduled were we go over all your new vehicle dashboard features and help you program the clock, radio, etc. We are located in Tampa just minutes away from Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Citrus Park and surrounding areas.