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The Correct Oil For Your Car:

Engine oils are used in vehicles to keep free of engine sludge and varnish as well as reduce friction and maintain the health of the internal parts in the engine. Different types of engine oil are available in the market for vehicles, which often leave the end customers confused and they may find it hard to make the right selection. Many customers are not aware of the fact that how the full synthetic oil can benefit their vehicle more than the conventional that they have been most likely using so far. The types of oils are conventional oil, full synthetic oil, synthetic blend, and high-mileage oil, so picking the right oil is important and will make your car last longer saving you money in the long run.

In the first step to check which kind of engine oil will suit your car engine, see the viscosity index. It is usually depicted in grades like OW-20, 5W-40, etc. An engine oil well protected from viscosity loss is a good option, however, check the car user’s manual for the exact grades of viscosity required in the vehicle’s engine.

Check the owners manual:

While making a choice, check if the engine oil is designed for petrol or diesel engine. Engine oils often vary in their performance levels. Another quick way to figure out if the engine oil is ideal for your car’s engine is by double-checking the right type of oil recommended in the car user’s manual.

Next, in the checklist is the API Standard. A car owner should check the API Standards for your car’s engine. The most common API Standard approved by the American Petroleum Institute is API SL, SM, SN, and SJ. Along with this, look for ACEA rating (A3/B4, A5/B5) which defines the lubricant properties required to maintain the vehicle health.

Making the right choice for your car engine oil should ideally be picked by a trusted and trained technician. Our technicians at Tampa Cadillac are not out to get you to pay for the most expensive oil but rather inform you of what oil will make your car run the best and last the longest. Check out our oil coupons here and see how much you can save now.