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Keeping your car in good shape will pay huge dividends in the long run. One of the easiest ways to check how your car is doing is by checking your car’s oil. You should make it a habit to check your vehicle’s oil at least once a month.

Wait until the car engine has been turned off for at least 30 minutes to get an accurate reading. If your oil is dirty or smells of gasoline, it’s time for a change. You should also check the levels of the car’s oil using an oil dipstick. Here’s how you can check it.

  • Take out the dipstick and dry it with a clean, lint-free rag or paper towel – Make sure you check your engine’s oil only when the engine is cold. You can check the engine’s oil after the engine has been off for at least 10 minutes. Finding where the dipstick is, depends on whether you have an in-line engine or a transverse engine.
  • Put the stick back into the pipe – Turn the dipstick around if it gets stuck on its way in. The pipe that it goes into is curved with the metal stick bending naturally in the direction of the curve.
  • Take it back out and look at the oil at the end of the dipstick – Look at how high the oil reaches on the dipstick as well as the condition of the oil. Change the oil or top up as needed but do not overfill.
  • Put the dipstick back in, and you’re done – If the oil looks clean but touches the add part on the dipstick, you need to add oil. Do note that oil turns black really quickly. Black oil doesn’t change its quality. If you aren’t sure about the oil’s condition, rub a little on your thumb and index finger, if it leaves a dirty smudge, it’s time for a change.

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to checking the oil in your car. Take the initiative and try it out today, you’ll find that it’s easier than it sounds but if you’re unsure or rather have Ed Morse Tampa Cadillac certified service technicians check and change your oil just stop by we are open Monday thru Saturday.  We are located in Tampa near Citrus Park, Wesley Chapel, and we can perform an multi-point inspection along with an oil change or any type of auto repair your vehicle might need. Check our monthly offers page for valuable money saving service coupons.