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Common Collision Reasons:

A car collision is among the worst accidents that can happen on a road. 

Here are the top 5 reasons car collisions occur.

1. Distracted driving.

The most common reason for car collisions is the drivers themselves. Taking a call or texting requires more attention than you realize. Talking to a fellow passenger or paying too much attention to a favorite song playing on the radio only seems harmless. But they are the neglected causes of car collisions.

2. Reckless driving/ speeding.

Distraction is not the only culprit when driving. The road rage that leads to speeding is another major factor. Running red lights puts more than one driver in trouble. It is unbelievably perilous to all the cars at the intersection.

3. Bad weather.

The next top cause for a car collision is the weather. Heavy rain or snow makes visibility low. Driving under these conditions you must go slower and brake more gently. Using hazard lights can often help.

4. Bad roads.

Bad roads could be the reason for an unfortunate car collision. Potholes or unmarked speed breakers spell doom to a driver tailgating another car. 

5. Automobile not up to standards.

It could be a flat tire that went unnoticed. It could be a kink in the hood or a scrape in the undercarriage that was not fixed. Defective parts in a car can cause it to spin and crash into other traffic.

To avoid these situations is sometimes not up to you but others on the road. Some situations such as an automobile not passing inspection can be entirely the driver’s own fault. To ensure your vehicle is safe to make a service appointment here to schedule service to fix any problems you think you may have. We are your local dealer down in Tampa Florida.