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Is Your vehicle cooling? Common car cooling system issues to avoid

The most common issue that people often have to face in Tampa is that the AC of the car is not working properly. In the beginning they do not recognize the issues but after a few days they will notice a bad odor and the A/C will not produce cool air. You must know that in such situations sometimes your radiator is not working properly. Here are some of the common things you should avoid to protect your radiator.


Oxidation reactions happen everywhere and so the rust will not only damage the body of your car. The radiator in the vehicle always has to deal with fluids due to which it will rust quickly. Rusting will make the radiator apply more pressure and it will not produce the required cooling effect and the engine will start to overheat.


If for some reasons the pressure buildup in the radiator increases it will damage the hose that connect the engine to it.

As soon as the hose loosens up there are chances that radiator will start to leak.
Another cause of leakage in radiator is rust.
If you notice a green sticky liquid on the floor of your car garage it means that the radiator is leaking.


One of the most common cause due to which AC stops to work is overheating of the vehicle. There are many reasons why a car starts to overheat. It can be due to improper oil change, decrease in transmission fluid or any other reason. If you are dealing with such issues you should take your vehicle to Ed Morse Tampa Cadillac service to get checked quickly.

Mineral deposits

As the radiator of the vehicle is always under fluids, minerals can easily deposit in its parts. It will once again increase the pressure and the entire vicious cycle will start again. This is the reason that it is always advised that you should get your vehicle checked and repaired for best results.

Domino effect

The engine and radiator of the vehicle are interconnected. It means that if there will be an issue with the performance of the engine it will automatically affect the performance of the radiator. Before getting your radiator replaced it is important that you check whether other parts of the car are working properly or not.

Bottom line

Remember that if you do not pay proper attention to the radiator it will get damaged beyond repair. It means that you will have to take the vehicle to the auto repair shop. They might have to repair or replace the entire system.

If you are dealing with this kind of situation take your vehicle to Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa certified service provider so you will get the best results. Our service technicians ensure your vehicle is in safe and expert hands. We are conveniently located in Tampa serving Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes so schedule your appointment today!